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Meriden Opioid Referral for Recovery at Rushford

Former Rushford client talks about his experiences in the MORR program and how it saved his life. MORR – funded by a four-year, $2-million federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) –provides first responders with Narcan™ to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. First responders are then empowered to connect appropriate people with the Rushford MORR Team for follow-up assessment, clinical treatment and case management services that are so critical in the days after an overdose.

The fight against opioids, there's a new tactic to help physicians

J. Craig Allen, MD, Medical Director at Rushford Center, talks about what's being done to help the opioid epidemic, starting with physicians.


Rushford Keeps Doors Open For Youth In Recovery

If you drive Route 68 through Durham and aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss the entrance for Rushford Academy, and Rushford [...]

What You Can Do to Help Stop Asian Hate

Rhetoric that coronavirus is somehow the fault of Asian Americans has spawned a massive uptick in racism, harassment and violent [...]

As Opioid Overdose Deaths Surge, Outreach Programs Lag: Some Options

The disheartening truth is that opioid overdose deaths in Connecticut hit a record high in 2019. In 2020, overdose deaths [...]

Study: A Shift From Counting Drinks to Counting Reasons for Drinking

With alcohol consumption, the focus tends to be how many drinks someone has and how quickly, but a new study [...]

Health Equity Podcast: Examining the Past, Present and Future

Hartford HealthCare’s  Sarah Lewis, Vice President of Health Equity at Hartford HealthCare, and Dr. John Santopietro, Physician-in-Chief of the Hartford HealthCare Behavioral [...]

Hartford Hospital Pilot Program to Assess, Treat People With Addictions

When people struggling with addictions have a medical issue that brings them into the hospital for treatment, withdrawal can pose [...]

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Patient Testimonial

I have been fortunate to return to Rushford treatment for a second time and the staff, treatment, and the facility as a whole have been consistently very concerned with myself and I have witnessed that same level of care with every individual that comes through these doors.





Medication Assisted Treatment
Close to Home (MATCH™)

Addiction recovery can take a prescribed path in our Medication-Assisted Treatment, Close to Home programs for adults and teens. MATCH™ offers medicine that reduces cravings and withdrawals from substances along with relapse prevention group therapy.

Is MATCH™ right for you?


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