Rushford Glastonbury provides a variety of outpatient mental health and addiction services

For adults (age 18 and older), Rushford at Glastonbury offers specialized assistance for those needing behavioral health, addiction, or supportive services, catering to the requirements of the busy professional by providing flexible scheduling and discretion.

Rushford's Medication Assisted Treatment Close to Home (MATCH) is available at our Glastonbury location to anyone age 18 or older. This program combines group therapy for those addicted to prescription painkillers or heroin with buprenorphine (Suboxone®), a prescription medication to help achieve and maintain recovery.

Comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment

Whether you are detoxing from opioids or looking to cut back cravings after withdrawal management, Rushford at Glastonbury offers the medication and the therapy you need to stay sober. Our medication-assisted treatment programs use a combination of medications, such as Suboxone or Vivitrol, along with relapse prevention groups that teach valuable coping skills to help you towards long-term recovery.

Often, addiction is complicated by mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or trauma. Clients at Rushford at Glastonbury have access to mental health consultations and treatment from our on-staff psychiatric providers and clinicians.

A wide range of treatment options

The primary mode of treatment at Rushford’s Glastonbury facility is group-based, but family education and support, individual and integrated therapies all work into each person’s individualized treatment plan. Peer support group meetings are held on-site, and all clients have the option to receive Narcan prescriptions and training.

Peer support from Recovery Support Specialists

Recovery Support Specialists (RSS) use their own recovery experience to support those seeking or currently receiving treatment for mental illness or substance use. RSSs have proven to be vital in the treatment of a person in recovery and with mental illness. RSSs complete an 80-hour Recovery Support Specialist (RSS) Training and Certification program.

Help is available through the TryCycle mobile app outside of appointments

Described as a “digital compassionate tether,” the TryCycle mobile app connects clients in recovery from substance use disorder and mental health disorders with their clinical team and a recovery support specialist (RSS) outside of their scheduled appointments. The app is monitored by RSSs every hour to two hours. RSSs are alerted of any client activity flagged as high risk or concerning so they can intervene. Clients can take an inventory assessment for self-awareness and use the journaling component to track their feelings, all of which is monitored.

Yoga and other integrated therapies

At Rushford, we believe in treating the whole person. Yoga is a part of every program at Rushford at Glastonbury, along with other holistic treatments such as art therapy, nutrition education, mindfulness training and meditation.

Latino Services

Intensive outpatient substance use and addiction treatment programs for adolescents and adults.

Programas ambulatorios intensivos de tratamiento del consumo y adicción a sustancias para adolescentes y adultos.

Services Offered at this Location