Rushford Glastonbury provides a variety of outpatient mental health and addiction services for adolescents and adults.

For adults (age 18 and older), Rushford at Glastonbury offers specialized assistance for those needing behavioral health, addiction, or supportive services, catering to the requirements of the busy professional by providing flexible scheduling and discretion.

For adolescents (age 13-17), Rushford at Glastonbury provides a five-day- a-week after school outpatient program. It is open to male and female adolescents with mental health or substance use problems. The focus of the program is to develop coping and stress management skills in order to promote stabilization and decrease in symptoms.All adolescent services are based in the Seven Challenges® program, a proven approach that addresses teens' mental health and substance useissues.

Rushford's Medication Assisted Treatment Close to Home (MATCH) is available at our Glastonbury location to anyone age 16 or older. This program combines group therapy for those addicted to prescription painkillers or heroin with buprenorphine (Suboxone®), a prescription medication to help achieve and maintain recovery.

Latino Services

Intensive outpatient substance use and addiction treatment programs for adolescents and adults.

Programas ambulatorios intensivos de tratamiento del consumo y adicción a sustancias para adolescentes y adultos.

Services Offered at this Location