Community Support Services

The role of Community Support Services is to assist people with mental illness and/or addiction disorders to achieve independence.

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HHC_divider-2.jpgRushford, as the Local Mental Health Authority for the towns of Meriden and Wallingford, offers community support services for adults ages 18 and older who qualify (must meet the DMHAS definition of severe and prolonged mental illness).

These services include:

  • CSP Case Management
  • Social Club
  • Kuhn Employment Serives
  • Shelter Plus Care and Pilots Case Management
  • Homeless Outreach
  • Behavioral Health Home
  • Community-based Initiative
  • Camp Street Transitional Living Program
  • Parker North Residence
  • Jail Diversion

Underage Drinking Task Forces: Middletown & Meriden/Wallingford

In 2006, Rushford received two grants from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to organize Underage Drinking Task Forces in the Middletown and Meriden/Wallingford communities. These task forces will be led by Sheryl Sprague, Rushford Prevention Manager, who previously served as the prevention coordinator for the Town of Glastonbury. Sprague is working with community leaders in both areas to build effective collaborations that address the causal factors of underage drinking and to develop environmental strategies aimed at educating parents, caregivers and youth on the risks and consequences of underage drinking.

Mother & Daughter Evenings Out

Rushford provides Mother-Daughter Evenings Out in Meriden. The program is designed to help mothers and their middle school daughters develop positive bonds and enhance communication during the critical time of adolescence. The free program includes dinner and activities and is held at various sites in Meriden. Mother-Daughter Evenings Out is sponsored by the Napier Foundation. For more information, call 203.630.5357.

Family Nurturing Program

The Family Nurturing Program is an 8 -week educational and support program for parents and their children (ages 3 to 11) held at Farmhill School in Middletown. The parent portion includes an opportunity to share experiences and effective parenting skills. The children’s portion provides a safe and trusting environment where children can express feelings and engage in activities that promote family unity, self-esteem and other life skills. The program is held in collaboration with the Children's Trust Fund. For more information, call 860.852.1080.

Presentations & Speakers

Skilled prevention staff provides interactive educational and motivational presentations on topics such as building resiliency, conflict resolution, self-esteem and awareness, and other prevention issues. Presentations can be tailored for a specific audience. For more information, call 203.630.5357.

Prevention Training

Prevention staff presents workshops that focus on innovative approaches to prevention. Schools, community agencies, businesses and professional groups participate in this training. Training is tailored to the needs of the groups seeking service. Some of these include training teachers in drug prevention curriculum, building understanding of the alcoholic family and the physiological effects of drugs and alcohol. For more information, call 203.630.5357.




Rushford’s Race for Recovery 5K

Proceeds from Rushford’s Race for Recovery will benefit the clients at Stonehaven Intermediate Residential Treatment center located in Portland.

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