School-Based Programs

kids-using-computer-class-546163304-(1).jpgStudent Assistance Programs

Rushford prevention specialists provide support to students in Westbrook High School Activities are designed to meet the school’s needs and include individual assessment, consultation and referrals; skill groups; youth support groups; mediation; and peer leadership training.

Anti-Bullying Program

Rushford has pioneered anti-bullying efforts at several Middlesex County schools, working with administration, staff, and students to provide a variety of platforms to address school climate issue that affect students, the bully and the bullied.. Rushford Prevention specialists incorporate lessons which celebrate diversity and assist students in understanding our similarities and differences.

The Community Foundation of Middlesex County Council of Business Partners in partnership with Rushford Center, Inc have created several initiatives to combat bullying and mean spirited behaviors as part of the “No Bully Zone” program which teaches students how to identify, address and report incidents of bullying. This partnership known as The Campaign For Bully Free Communities hosts an annual rally as well as ongoing initiatives.

CFMC Agent of Change Pledge

Other Prevention Programs