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Community Support Services

Community Support Services at Rushford are designed to assist adults with mental illness and/or addiction disorders to achieve independence and improve their ability to live in the community. The decision to receive community support services is voluntary, goal-driven and participantdirected. Some services listed require eligibility through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) per the following guidelines:

  • Must be eighteen years or older
  • Must be a resident of Meriden or Wallingford
  • Must meet the DMHAS definition of severe and prolonged mental illness

Community Support Program (CSP) Case Management Services

Jennifer Vega, Coordinator 203.630.5295

  • Promotes successful rehabilitation and recovery of clients.
  • Links clients to community resources to support productive, independent living.
  • Assists clients with activities of daily living, finances, symptom management, etc.

Latino Program Case Management Services

Juan Medina, Manager 203.630.5293

  • Educating Latino clients about available resources in the community to meet their mental health and healthcare needs.
  • Assisting clients with gaining access to resources in a safe and culturally friendly environment.
  • Working collaboratively with family members and other social support.
  • Program services are consistent with Community Support Program (CSP).
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Friendship Club

Lorraine Rovero, Manager 203.238.6821

  • Social club that provides a safe environment to develop relationships.
  • Enhances social skills through peer interactions and groups for men and women.
  • Activities both on campus (dances, games, yoga) and off campus (Rock Cats games, museums, beach).
  • Clients are referred by clinical providers or case managers.
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Kuhn Employment Services

Megan Jackson, Program Manager 203.630.5246

  • The goal of the program is to place individuals in competitive jobs that meet their interests and needs within their own community.
  • Program participants receive individualized services that may include, but are not limited to: job matching and vocational planning, job-seeking skills training, job development, job counseling, time-limited job coaching and placement follow up support.
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Shelter Plus Care and Pilots Case Management

Paula Smith, Housing Coordinator 203.630.5369

  • A HUD-funded rental assistance program providing housing and supportive services to individuals who are homeless and disabled.
  • To be eligible, individuals must have one year or longer of homelessness or 3 incidents of homelessness lasting 14 days or longer, as well as have a chronic mental illness, drug addiction, or HIV positive status.
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Homeless Outreach

Deanna Bencivengo, Coordinator 203.630.5219

  • Provides a variety of support services, such as assessing for appropriate permanent stable housing, referrals for treatment, benefit and entitlement applications, obtaining ID, connecting/reconnecting with natural support.
  • Case Managers assist clients to find stable housing and other appropriate resources in the community.
  • Assists individuals through the transition from homelessness to permanent stable housing.
  • Referrals are submitted by inpatient/outpatient clinical providers, through local homeless shelters, and other community agencies.

SAGA Case Management

Deanna Bencivengo, Coordinator 203.630.5219

  • Provides case management services to residents of Meriden/Wallingford area.
  • Assists with obtaining and maintaining benefits and entitlements with the Department of Social Services (DSS).
  • Clients must not be actively receiving other case management services.
  • SAGA case manager available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8AM - 3PM.

Community Based Initiative (CBI)

Mary Botti, CBI Coordinator 203.639.0189

Sharon Mattice, CBI Coordinator 203.634.3166

  • Supportive housing program that provides 24-hour on-site staffing.
  • Each reisdent must be responsible to hold their own apartment lease.
  • Case Managers assist clients with budgeting, activities of daily living, monitoring of medications and improvement of social skills.
  • Links clients to appropriate community support services.
  • Referrals are submitted by community providers.
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Camp Street Transitional Living Program (TLP)

Jim Owens, Program Coordinator 203.379.0097

  • Six-bed facility in Meriden for adult males.
  • Facilitates the transition from Connecticut Valley Hospital back into the community.
  • Assists residents in learning life skills necessary to be successful and independent.
  • Structured program helping to break the cycle of high utilization of services such as incarcerations and hospitalizations.
  • Average length of stay is 6 - 9 months.
  • Must meet DMHAS guidelines.

Jail Diversion

Manager 203.630.5305

  • Court-based services to persons with psychiatric and co-occurring (mental illness and substance) disorders who are arrested on minor offense.
  • Provides access to appropriate treatment services through on-site assessment, referrals, and linkage to community mental health services.
  • Assists in the maintenance of individuals in community treatment services.
  • Informs court personnel of treatment compliance.
  • Facilitates access to mental health services through contacts within the Department of Correction when an individual is incarcerated.

For any additional information or to submit referrals please contact:

Kerry Carli, LCSW
Intake Coordinator/Liaison
883 Paddock Avenue
Meriden, CT 06450

Phone: 203.630.5264

Fax: 203.634.7013

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