What our patients are saying


Andrea and Linda are always so helpful and patient. They are always patient and clearly care about all the patients here at Rushford.

Tom, Andrea, Aeron and Dr. Ajula are all so caring and help me stay accountable. The help me so much!

Intensive Treatment Program

Nadia and Joe are extremely receptive with genuine concern on everyday and multiple times per day. Really stayed on top of my care and my health.

They listened to my concerns and helped to answer questions and address my needs.


I really like the sound healing with Doug and smart recovery.


Allie, Brenda, Vinnie Matt and Emily have all been incredible and extremely helpful.

Friendly staff always concerned about wellbeing. When I had to cancel group, I always get a call to make sure I am ok and nothing serious is going on.


Christina that runs IOP/PHP is great!

Acute Care and Evaluation

Jess made everything fun and was always in a terrific mood.

Vicky was very nice. Brian was 100% down to earth and treated me with the utmost respect.

James L was extremely helpful with group and also did wonderful things like help me with my legal paperwork, faxes and informing my parents and lawyer.

Kevin worked hard to get my insurance on board.

I work in the food service business, so most facilities would not receive a 5. Quality is basically a 5. Thank you for the nourishing food.

My experience is unique. Kevin was great about providing me with support and research along with contact information to support after discharge.